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I need Help

  • Hi Guys. I need Help and If possible, Instructions...Using Skin Control 2.1 I have Created a few MP chars In SP. Wanted to know How can I exactly Spawn These characters As Bodyguards.Spawning them with All their Information Whether It,s their Face shape, clothes and etc.Plz Guys I really Love to do that and I,m Not much of a Modder Myself So if anyone knows How to do it Plz Reply If possible. Tnx.

  • @MaverickBreaker You can use a trainer like Menyoo to make a copy of that character and then recruit it, but you’ll need to do some small changes to the face as Menyoo does not have the full ability to transform parts of the face.

    Another solution is to use Menyoo and create those peds again

  • @MegaDeveloper Can you plz Give me a full Instruction.I don't use manyoo much.I use Ent More than that...I tried to use menyoo But I couldn't find anything to make a copy of my character and recruit it or to change it,s face...I used "Bodyguard" mod by @jedijosh920 But it was not enough to completely Create my characters with it and also It can't save the Peds you have spent time creating them.

  • @MegaDeveloper Well I used the "join crew" option in menyoo inside "player" section But it says "Unable to join crew".Was it the option I should have used?

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