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HRESULT is '0x80070057'

  • Hello guys,

    my gta 5 is crashing every time and the only problem that i see is in my dxgi.log. It is always showing ''Failed to create depth stencil replacement resource view! HRESULT is '0x80070057' ''. Can someone help me pls ?

    Thanks in adavance

  • Hi ! "depth stencil" is a property referring to graphics. If you are using some graphical mod in your gta, the problem must be some incorrect parameter for your hardware. You could try installing an updated video driver for your video card or testing with another version of graphic mod that fits the same.

  • thanks for the reply josketer,

    i fixed it after all. For those who have the same problem or problem with graphics enhancement mod i suggest Reshade 3.4.0 and change the dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll. In your game settings use dx10.1 not 11. And the last part in your nvdia settings use your cpu as PhysX.

    Hope its helps.

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