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@Eyon 's Gang Mod- Needs Collabs From Other Modders And My ideas, LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN *REPOST THIS GUYS*

  • **All Attention Epic Gamers Who Really Care About Modding :100:
    Eyon is trying to make a Gang Mod Script Mod and He needs Modders Help with Having a Mod That Has Players experience a new type of mod to your game adding Gang Empires, Custom UIs And Menus, Drug Dealing, Drive Bys,, Making Money, Empire Competitiveness and much more. I Talked to him and asked for a Mod Menu That included some UIs and High Quality Pictures of Ammunation,Weapons, and Bandannas for which Gangs you Join. I feel like his mod has a lot of potential and can have lots of more improvements when it gets released. Go and Post On his Account @Eyon To Suggest Some mods for him. Also I feel Like he could work with @jedijosh920 and some other modders that make script mods to improve and add ideas and work to the mod. I also told him if he could have an animations and emote and Hand signals and gestures for the Mod Like In This early game stage and then this forum turned to an actual Feature in Squad V13http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/26488-army-hand-gestures/

    I feel like we can incorporate some suggestions for real life gangs and also some useful tactical Gestures to send to your Gang and to Have a Buddy Control From @Hunk And be able to spread out and have your gang follow who to Kill, Who to take over, who to take Primary or Secondary Lead, To Take Cover, To Toggle Jog Or Run, Sell Drugs In a Block, Start A Gang Fight, And Recruit some Gang Bangers and Much much more. I feel like with a good setup with Ideas and some scripting we must have a Good Ui And that is to have one That is Colorful and Useful. Having the Menu to look like a nice layout with customzable headers with HQ Images and Color Gang Menus, Street Signs, Tagging, Guns, Bandannas, Cars, Weapon Attachtments, Money, Drugs, Streets And Blocks, Maps Of Territory and such more. Having the Map Streets and Block Map to Look Like this: 0_1549587756676_upload-e9637df5-a8a0-4cf3-b02e-e63ad611a05d And Then Have it Move where And Have some Blips to Important Tasks, Have Way Point Colors , And Also Have the Street Name.
    Also for The Ui Menu it should Look like this
    I beleive we should also incoperate some Purchasable Hoods and to Be Compatible with Home Invasion https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/home-invasion
    We could be able to Collab with @jedijosh920 and make it where there would be new npcs inside the Houses with People reacting to what's happening outside of the Map, Like having Guard dogs in the background muffled by the walls, and having some conversions and aware people near the walls and if you shoot someone while you are i the house people will react and Gang members will either Knock on the Door or either come inside or wait for you and start a Gang War. Also for the Mod Home Invasion there should be an update for that to be compatible with all Mod creators like @Hunk @jedijosh920 @Eyon to be able to work together. Having a Private security Alarm and Other Security companies to have a UI Menu That Looks Nice with the fonts and messages/alerts to be in different colors like : blue, red, orange, and purple, to also have an Image and a Countdown and Timer set for How Long you Have till Gangs and Police Most Likely will come in by. Also having an Alarm sound and screen effects to tell the player of whats happening and the Ui having HQ Images of Header Images and also Warning Effects in the Top Corner and The Countdown and Which Gang and Which Police Department /Agency is Barging in. Implementing these mods and suggesting ideas from anyone can be amazing and please spread this for awareness and talk to the Mod Creators and reply down to this post about your ideas.

  • Wow, seems like I really got you into this. At the moment I can't yet do anything because we need a Script Hook V update. The UI is just NativeUI and the banners I can easily draw by myself. The things that this mod needs are:
    *Random Name Generator (for gang members).
    *Drive Bys like in Eddlm's Lively World.
    *Stats for every gang member.
    *Turns, probably a day will be a turn. Every day will have a chance for somerhing bad/good to happen.
    *Heat stat, the more a gang member or the player is active in robbing and killing (raid role) the higher the chance of this character getting killed by a rival gang, jailed by police.
    *Chance to choose lawyers when a member is arrested. Expensive lawyers will have a higher chance to have him freed. Bail also possible. Finding witnesses and putting fear into them will also increase the chances.
    *Dealers like in jedijosh's mod.
    *Turfs, which are like territories. No need for those big ugly circles on the radar, rather just turfs which indicate a gang's presence in an area.
    *Gangs will be like Sub-Gangs (ex. the Rancho Ballas). To create your own gang you affiliate it with an existing GTA ped gang group.
    *Net-worth. Salary for each member. Income is generated by dealers.
    *Mini-Missions like GTA5's vanilla business missions.
    I'll write everything else later.

  • This already sounds and looks good. That is a good list man.

  • That would be cool if we can be able to also have House Raids That is kinda like a reverse Home Invasion from jedijosh and where your Gang House Locations can be Robbed or even attacked by Gangs or Police, Having them take away money, drugs ,weapons, ammunition, Gang Members, Evidence, And More, Kinda like the Plugin From Lspdfr to check what criminals have and what they status and criminal record they have. That would be cool if there would also be usable Interiors to be able to be compatible for Trap houses-Similar Script and Interiors to JediJosh

  • @Eyon Hey these sound amazing! Will these exist in the world in an ambient sense? I'd love to be on the other side of this all, just "cleaning the streets" of gang members and the like, basically making this a Mafia/Punisher mod. The duality and dynamism would really give this mod some legs, I think!

  • Yeah that was the idea man, share some of your ideas into the discussion.

  • Working on the stash system, what do you guys think?

  • That Looks awesome man. I like that man. The logo looks awesome man.

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