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Trainer and Script Hook V

  • so i've decided to try and mod abit for a change cuz i'm sick of online play and found the Natural vision mod and some cars to drop in.

    natural vision i had up and running in like 5 mins flat with the open iv and all that jazz needed to be downloaded and installed as well not a issue.

    went on to install an GTR R35 skyline followed the guide got the mod needed and booted up the game not a problem just working like a charm. started to wonder if the car will show up in world on its own or not so went searching didn't find my answer and so thought i would just get a trainer to swap it and now we dive head first into the biggest headache of my life.

    no matter the version of scripthookv it will not load. constantly crash as the game is about to load giving me an unknown version update error message and nothing else which leaves me more dumbfounded then anything else in the world. why will it not work for love no money ?

    essentially i'm just looking for a way to bring the cars into the world so i can drive in those instead of the vanilla ones.


    February 5th the game got updated to 1.0.1604.1
    so you'll have to wait for ScripthookV to be updated
    then download the updated version before you'lle be able to play with scripts and trainer

  • fair enough and there is no such things as a Console menu to just /spawncarsID r35 for example ?

  • if you are reading this on 2/8/19 there was a update for gta v the the scriped is not working right now

  • @jacksonvirgin67 said in Trainer and Script Hook V:

    if you are reading this on 2/8/19 there was a update for gta v the the scriped hook v is not working right now

  • Hello

    \where can i find script Hook 1.0.1604.1. I can.t find him in www.gta5-mods.com

  • @weust - You can't. It hasn't been updated yet! Read above. :neutral_face:

  • hello. i know moderators are trying and working hard for new update. but when do you think it will get updated? its really annoying when i finally mod my favorite game and its ready to play and then the update comes out.

    PS: i was reinstalling it after 2 mounths when the game broke (i know i broke it) so im really bored right now. i could play single player but. its not like it was with mods. you know. i dont support cheating. i just love mods so much.. i hope it will get updated soon. Good luck devs

  • Hello,

    the updated version (1.0.1604.1) is ready to download since a few hours.
    Now you can continue with modding :-D

    Gz. Daniel

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