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Need some help changing minigun firing sound

  • Greetings,

    I recently found a a real nice sound which I'd like to use for the minigun.
    Can't get it to work though, biting my teeth out at this one.

    I'd REALLY appreciate if someone could tell me where I went wrong!
    Here's where I'm at;

    User MvcGyver was kind enough to point me in the right direction, I found the sounds he mentioned -
    MGN_AK47_PLYR_VERC_LAV_0X.L (X being 1-4) in resident.rpf.
    So I extracted this to .oac

    I cut the sounds I wanted out of the video,
    converted them to the same bitrate and kept them at a size smaller than the original sounds,
    reinserted them via .oac - and when I check in OpenIV, I can hear my modded sounds,
    yet they turn up nowhere in-game.

    I'd appreciate the help, basically I have no idea what I'm doing anyway so might as well offer to donate to someone willing to make it for me, I'm that desperate :D

    Anyone up for it, name your prize ans see what you can make of this ^^

  • @ProfiChiller
    I would say the mini-gun sounds are more likely to be these:












    Try editing the mini-gun sounds in 'WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf' first as these are the sounds you will hear when the player fires a mini-gun & thus will be easier to test :thumbsup:
    Use Audacity to edit the sounds you created. Save them as mono 'WAV (Microsoft) signed 16bit PCM' when you export them. Rename, place in '.oac' file structure (overwrite originals) , import into OpenIV (drag & drop) etc to place in-game.

    Let me know how you get on with that :thumbsup:

  • Every sane person (me and you ancluded, a63nt 5m1th) would look for minigun sounds in a folder called... well, "minigun".
    Unfortunately, R* does not seem to employ any of said "sane" persons, at least in the sound department.

    and the one named _SPIN are just that; the beginning, spinning and spin-down sounds.
    The actual "BRRRP" I'm looking for ain't in there :p

    By the way, I had the sounds converted to mono already. I'm utilizing Audacity and Wavosaur for all edits :)

    In the meantime, I copied my backup-resident.rpf (but left the weapons_player.rpf) - the minigun was indeed affected
    by the resident.rpf, since the sound reverted to the vanilla one.
    Started picking apart the resident.rpf gunshot sfx again, I changed other variations of MGN_AK47_PLYR individually -just, they don't turn up anywhere outside OpenIV either :/

  • @ProfiChiller
    I edited the sound of the minigun before (replacing Besra/A-10 Thunderbolt cannon to GAU-8 Avenger sound a few years back) just can't remember the name/s of the files you have to edit?! :/
    I know the minigun sound is also used for some aircraft machine guns & probably the Buzzard's guns too. So be aware changing the sound will affect those in-game sounds also. :thumbsup:

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