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[VEHICLE] A few Lore Friendly vehicle ideas

  • Just if anyone is wanting to make some lore friendly vehicles and is lacking in ideas. With some name ideas if you like that, use em' if you like.

    • Stock Vapid Flash GT

    • Cheval Copper (Vehicle based on a Holden Commodore VF (Reference Image. You will most likely be able to pull a lot of parts from the Cheval Fugitive due to it being based on a Caprice, recommended to make a templated Police Variant)

    • Benefactor Nurburgring (Idea is for a mix between the C63 Black Series and AMG GT Sedan a vehicle you could probably put together using parts from the Feltzer, Schafter and Schlagen GT)

    • Pfister Panorama (Porsche Panamera, you can probably use parts from the Neon and Comet SR)

    • Vapid Brutus (Civilian Brutus)

    • Maibatsu Penumbra GTR (Toyota Supra 2020, there is probably a lot of cars you can take parts from for this)

    • Karin Dilettante E (Just a up to date Dilettante/Prius, make some joke about a rideshare app if you make a description please)

    • Buckingham Napalm (Just making the Buckingham Valkyrie look a little older in design. A few ideas are MGs instead of Miniguns and exposed rotor with a few Vietnam War based liveries. Name is the Beta name for the Valkyrie)

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