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(Solved) Add-On DLC (replacing vehicles / multiple vehicle rpfs in one dlc)

  • Hey, due to the new GTA update inbound which I've been patiently waiting for to get back into single player modding, I'm learning about rather than adding vehicles to this and that rpf as replace, put them all in one dlc add on rpf where the only things I will need to then change among updates is these three things...
    setup2.xml / timeStamp,
    setup2.xml / order value,

    So I assume the timeStamp means which dlcs are newer or older? Then I assume order value means what order the dlcs are? So Cunning Stunts is 22, so if the next one is just a dlc not a patch as well, that'll be 23, so I will want to make my add on dlc patch as 24?

    That confuses me quite a bit though as patchday 11 carries order value 13 and then the number of dlcs/patches, it's far greater than that?

    dlclist.xml, I get that every time an update comes out I have to add my add on dlc in the list from the new update, does it have to be at the bottom, or at the top of the list or does that not matter?

    For the second half of my question, regarding the vehicle rpfs in add on dlc, can I make multiple in one dlc? say buses.rpf / aircraft.rpf / emergency.rpf and then state in the contents.xml all of them?

    Or would I need to create separate dlcs for each? As I want to have each thing separated for basicness rather than having dozens of this and that vehicle in the one rpf, but if I have to go around this by doing multiple dlcs then this isn't really worth the extra effort.

    Plan on doing this because then I am not rummaging around the damn patches of original vehicles which obviously takes away being able to put certain vehicles into the original x64e.rpf.

    Thanks to whoever can help regarding this.


  • Right big thanks to @festivalmatt @Kilyin for pointing me into the right directions and thanks to Albo1125 for grabbing Matt's attention for me.

    I have worked this out.

    Added vehicles were spawning but replacement vehicles were not as they weren't overriding the stock patches and stock x64e.rpf

    The sort value still confuses me a bit, but as long as you keep the sort value as the highest out of all patches, it doesn't matter what you set it to. I have set it to 999, which obviously Rockstar are never ever going to reach, so that means one less thing to edit every update.

    I tested the game, but replacements vehicles still weren't spawning.

    In the content.xml, I originally was using these values on the vehicles rpf item:

      <overlay value="false" />
      <disabled value="true" />
      <persistent value="true" />

    I instead changed this to:

      <locked value="true" />
      <overlay value="true" />
      <disabled value="true" />
      <persistent value="true" />

    As soon as I loaded the game and tested, all was working.

    And to complete this, for the second half of my question regarding multiple vehicle rpfs, that works.

    I have a buses.rpf, emergency.rpf and an aircraft.rpf. In buses I have a custom skinned bus, in emergency I have a volvo v70 police car, then in aircraft I have an airbus a380. All spawning and working in game.

    I am unsure about the timeStamp if that actually is something I would need to change among updates, but I have just tested and can verify that setting the date in advance is fine. I have set it to 12/12/2020 which I also would be stunned if we get more dlcs even then. :P

    I will put together a tutorial on my website regarding this, also plan on doing a video tutorial, though I am going to wait until after the bikers update to do that just to be sure I am correct with everything.

    So looks like dlclist.xml is the only thing that will not be lasting across updates seeing that the timeStamp and sort value do not need to be edited anymore :D

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