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I need help with removing collisions.

  • I am trying to remove all of the concrete blocks from the parking lot of the map mod I'm doing, that tire pile in the parking lot plus the concrete blocks on the other side of the garage. Trash bin can stay. I know how to remove their appearance from the world, but from what I have been able to find on editing the .ybn file to remove the collisions, I would need 3ds max. Well I can't afford it, don't want to lie to get it free as a student, plus I doubt my computer can even handle it nor do I have the space right now to download it.

    Is there another way in 2019 that is free or less expensive that will allow me to do it myself? Is there anyone here that has the ability and time that would be willing to add this to their project list for me? Willing to pay for the time and knowledge.


  • So I decided to install 3D Max 2016 and downloaded GIMS EVO. I installed the items from the gimsevo.rar scripts > startup folder into 3d max's scripts > startup folder. I started 3Dmax and it started downloading stuff, the windows went away too quick for me to see exactly what was going on. Then it pops a window up titled GIMS GTA V core initialization. It tells me "You should select a folder with these game files to continue: materials.dat and materialfx.dat" and it tells me where those files are usually found. The last line say "You can extract these files from the game using OpenIV". Only option is to click the OK button so I do that.

    That brings up a Browse For Folder pop up window where you can only go so deep in the tree or you can manually enter the path. No matter what I have tried has worked, as far as how to select the path, up to manually entering the path that I know that the info it asked about in the previous pop up window is located.

    This is the path that typed in that I thought should work but it didn't, and nothing else I have tried has worked ... C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\common.rpf\data ... I keep getting the pop up window titled GIMS GTA core initialization, "Can't find the game files. Launch's aborted." and that is where I'm at. ANY help is sooo much appreciated. I'm just trying to mod but this is getting frustrating just trying to get started.

    Also, I did extensive searching trying to solve this but have come up with nothing or anywhere else to ask besides on the gims mod page here. That would be a dead end, because the only reference to this specific issue on the internet, leads me to the post that Riky96 posted on March 5th, 2018 in the comments for the mod. That person has\had the exact issue and got no help.

  • @chonkie Not a map Modder, but try this


  • @MegaDeveloper That doesn't do what I need to have done. I am already using that and was using Map Editor, until it quit working for me yesterday. So I switched to Menyoo.

    Only way I see to do what I need is with 3d Max and GIMS. Doesn't seem that difficult, at least based off of the video tutorials I have watched by @Dekurwinator.

  • I got 3ds max and gims working. Now to learn.

  • @Dekurwinator Thank you for your tutorials. They have helped a lot in the past 2 hours. This is the thing I needed to get done plus remove the concrete barriers and their collision. Thanks to you, I was able to do it myself. My next update on my mod is gonna be nuts. Fun stuff is about to happen!

    alt text

    alt text

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