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Addonpeds not working

  • I have installed everything of addonpeds but ingame when i press "L" nothing works. Is anyone has a solution to this?

  • @Marcus-Lee The spawner does not work, use a trainer to spawn the model instead by typing in its name.


  • The problem is solved by copying nativeUI to the scripts folder. But when die as an addon ped Michael appears.

  • @Marcus-Lee Glad that it works! Now, when you die, it changes back to michael to prevent a crash to the game,

    Try this mod, https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/character-swap

    If that does not work, then you can't do anything about it, but I'm sure there is a mod out there that does it.


    RespawnFix.asi inside GTA SPACE

  • @ReNNie Thank for the new add on method, How to i get the new ped i made with new movements to spawn at like eg, the playboy House. Naturally in game
    thanks good work.

  • @Canadas14 @ReNNie's mod is designed to free yourself of the outdated and buggy mod called addonpeds. It is not designed to have peds spawn at your preferred location.

    To spawn a ped at a given location you need a simple C# script, or save the ped at a location with a trainer like Menyoo in an xml file, or move your player to your location and then spawn your ped.

    Simplest way is the last one. Use the object spooner in Menyoo as an example, and just select spawn entity, ped, input model name. Use same name as you put in the peds.meta which is the same as the name for the 4 ped files if normal or the 2 files and folder if it's a streaming ped. Shouldn't be case sensitive.

  • i can use the peds date that already spawn there and dont leave. but how do i get the ped addon to spawn there. popgroups and cycles?

  • @Canadas14 Sorry don't understand your question.

  • What i want to do is sppawn a addon ped like i do a car, and spawn it naturally in traffic via added trafic mod. what i have not mently concluded is how /if this works with added peds. or if i could pack the files like they do with cars with stance

  • @Canadas14 ok, but do you want 1 single ped to spawn, or whole families like you would the vagos for example. Either way, im not sure, but check out popgroups.

    Maybe this?


  • @JohnFromGWN
    No, thing dosent decrypt. But i got an edited version of poproups, So i can edit in openiv, cycles will perdect the clothing, but not fixed location. that would be menyoo. but there should be a way to do that naturally. i am very new an not a clue... but yeah soon i should have a answer.
    I an trying to understand everything functions to see if a can build a total different game , just useing the open world so bildings ambiant core game funtions. i made a bunch of movements foe a 3d modle, Just dont know how to get the game to trigger them and were to put that data , lost...
    like you ever seen how they made a mode for more odd things for mpc to do. like find tow dirt bikers guys one ride u and the smoke a joint, dude how is that done

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