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[SCRIPT] [WIP] Escape From Tarkov inspired mod (Unnamed)

  • An Escape From Tarkov inspired mod I'm working on. The mod is still in it's early stages but I wanted to try to get some feedbackand possible testers. It's hard to explain everything going on in the videos but if you have questions feel free to ask.

    Recoil and Bullet Ricochet:

    Armor Penetration and Locational Damage:

    Current features:

    • First Person Only (May or may not be kept in the released version. I haven't been able to in first person view. While in a vehicle the script saves the camera view and the player is able to change camera views like normal.)
    • Weapon Recoil (Increases based on Left/Right Arm damage.)
    • Bullet Ricochet (Any ped shooting has a chance to have a bullet ricochet. The ricochets have a randomized damage value.)
    • Locational Damage (Sorted by Head, Torso, Left/Right Arm and Left/Right Leg. In vanilla GTA, body armor is reduced no matter where the player is shot at but with the mod the body armor only protects the torso.)
    • Visual Leg Damage (Player will limp and be unable to sprint after taking so much damage to Left/Right Leg.)
    • Armor Penetration (Depending on the weapon, the bullet can penetrate through the body armor which will damage the armor and player health.)
    • No Reticle (Removes reticle completely)
    • No Ped Blips (If they are in combat with player. May or not be kept in the released version.)
    • No Police Blips (May or may not be kept in the released version.)
    • Adjusted AI (Each ped has random combat values and randomized/reduced accuracy.)

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