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How to Edit Controls In Config file?

  • I have a ragdoll on demand mod and its key is U by default and there is written text that settings can be edited. I want to use x button instead of U but it is not working.

  • Hi ! If you refer to the mod called "ragdoll on demand", in effect I see that the 'U' key is the default one - Now, if you look at the .ini file, you will see that the "U" key has a numeric code, that is a hexadecimal numeric code, so what you have to do is look up the hexadecimal code for the key you want to use to replace the default one, for example, for the "X" key you must use the hexadecimal code: 88. PS: The modders do not all use this same method so that we can change the default keys, some use this hexadecimal code, others use Virtual Key Codes and others simply with writing the "letter" is enough.

  • I used the numeric code for X but that does not work.

  • @Marcus-Lee , in that case, the problem is that the mod is outdated. The author of the mod must update it to work again.

  • There is an another mod named as "ultimate ragdoll" mod which key is X by default but the problem is when sprinting and pressing X the ragdoll does not work but it was ragdolling when even sprinting in "ragdoll on demand" mod. The problem in "ragdoll on demand" mod is its key. The problem in "ultimate ragdoll mod" is its not ragdolling when sprinting.

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