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ScripthookV unknown game version.

  • so, like 3 months ago i started modding singleplayer with irl cars, no problems at all, i stopped playing gta5, 3 months later, i get this error saying: Fatal error: uknown game version, i did reinstall my game, downloaded the most recent scripthookV, no results, still get the same error. I would apreciate some help, cuze i really want to go back into modding again.

  • read the stickied posts regarding SHV and mods not working.

  • @Strangest-LoVe I suggest you download this file, it will help you to understand if the error is in some script! they must be updated constantly, it may be that you have someone not updated.

  • @Anonymoused281 how am i bitching about huh? i'm just asking what the issue is.

    @Simone2R thanks for the help, but i sorted it myself. seems like the update wasn't released yet, i got released while i was sleeping, cuze of time difference. everything works fine now, like i said, thanks for replying and helping.

  • @Strangest-LoVe Nice to see that you can't differentiate between comment and profile signature... a sig which I've had for quite some time and made after seeing dozens of posts daily with people complaining about SHV not being ready the same day as the update that broke it, and people throwing tantrums about AB being lazy, etc.

    All I said to you was to check the stickied posts since those are kept updated and are a very good resource for FAQs and tips.

  • @Strangest-LoVe Its just a quote, or little message that is displayed under your comment and profile. Everyone sees that quote so you're not the only one. Don't take it to serious, just a little way to spread jokes and such. Read mine haha!

  • @Anonymoused281 well, this is the first time actually using this site for something like this, i usually just use it for the mods, not even having a account.

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