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A question about .rpf

  • Hello everyone,

    We can exclude all archives inside the .rpf?
    For exemple:
    i copy the x64c.rpf to mods folder to use Green Screen mod 2.0, I can exclude all the other archive .rpf that i not using with this mod, thus reducing its size?

  • @DHU Whenever you move something to the mods folder, it creates another copy of it, don’t really see any reduce in size. What do you mean by Archives? Like the folders inside it?

  • @MegaDeveloper I mean, exclude folders and .rpfs that this mod not using.
    In this green screen mod, he use
    and inside x64c.rpf, have x64c.rpf/anim and x64c.rpf/levels but in green screen not use "anim" folder.
    I can exclude this? (Yeah, this is a copy inside mods folder)

  • @DHU Oh in that case, yea, only include the folders that are being replaced. All other files should be excluded.

  • I thought this because... idk... Maybe, because it's a duplicate file, it would not be a problem not to have everything.
    You clarified me! Thank you! peace!

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