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A question about .rpf

  • Hello everyone,

    We can exclude all archives inside the .rpf?
    For exemple:
    i copy the x64c.rpf to mods folder to use Green Screen mod 2.0, I can exclude all the other archive .rpf that i not using with this mod, thus reducing its size?

  • @DHU Whenever you move something to the mods folder, it creates another copy of it, donโ€™t really see any reduce in size. What do you mean by Archives? Like the folders inside it?

  • @MegaDeveloper I mean, exclude folders and .rpfs that this mod not using.
    In this green screen mod, he use
    and inside x64c.rpf, have x64c.rpf/anim and x64c.rpf/levels but in green screen not use "anim" folder.
    I can exclude this? (Yeah, this is a copy inside mods folder)

  • @DHU Oh in that case, yea, only include the folders that are being replaced. All other files should be excluded.

  • I thought this because... idk... Maybe, because it's a duplicate file, it would not be a problem not to have everything.
    You clarified me! Thank you! peace!

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