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LUA Plugin is it outdated??

  • many users on this site said that the LUA Plugin isn't working with some mods i have the same problem is it incompatible with scripthookv.net or wtf is going on with it


    It's because the author of LUA plugin (Headscript) has been decided to discontinue his project, thus makes the LUA plugin is outdated since the Scripthookv is always being updated (LUA plugin needs scripthookv to run).
    From my perspective, the latest version of LUA plugin is actually a stable version, but since the scripthook is consecutively updated every time GTA V game version update released by Rockstar, this makes a little problem to the LUA plugins it self.
    Solution to run lua mods smoothly:
    Use the scripthookv version issued around 2016 (around version 2.1).
    It should be fine.

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