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Game Crash when go to Settings > Graphics

  • I got crash everrytime go to Settings and pressed to Graphics menu, anyone has this bug ?


    Try removing your settings.xml (rename it to _old) in \Documents\Rockstar Games..

    The game then creates a new fresh one
    Edit it to your old settings later

  • @Pein1911
    If what @ReNNie suggests doesn't work (ie try removing 'settings.xml' before trying this) you might try pulling 'cfg.dat' & 'pc_settings.bin' out of where they are sitting (make backup, place somewhere else etc) & reloading the game (new ones will be created. Search for them on hard drive as Rockstar in all their wisdom have placed them in different locations depending on what version of GTA V you have. You'll find them in the same folder, usually where your save files are). :thumbsup:

  • Nope, it caused by Reshade come with VisualV, i remove it and game is ok now, i made a notice to CP to fix it ! but ty guys anw

  • @a63nt-5m1th where r cfg.dat' & 'pc_settings.bin files?

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