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Dashboard/Dials are not working after making an addon from replacer car, require help.

  • Hello all,
    I have a new issue that has been bugging me ever since I learned (through the wonderful guide by ImNotMental) to make addon variants of replacer car mods. The issue is - despite the author of original mod saying that dials are working (for the replacer), when I convert the replacer variant into addon, the dials no longer work. Dashboard isn't showing any signs of life, so to speak.

    I assumed that I need to copy the lines of the vehicle that is replaced from original vehicles.meta to the addon's vehicle's meta with appropriate adjustments for the new car, but the dials still fail to properly work (or at all) in game. Otherwise the cars work, along with lights etc.

    Am I missing some crucial detail? Any assistance would be appreciated. As an example, I give Plymouth Barracuda 440 1970 https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/plymouth-barracuda-1970

    Which supposedly has working dials. When I made it into an addon variant, the dials are not working.



    Did you also copy over the bottom section in vehicles.meta for that vehicle? The TxdRelationships bit.

  • Yah, I'm sure of it. As far as I understand I am missing some sort of file from the dashboard stuff which I am supposed to somehow extract from somewhere and add to the ytd file of the addon vehicle. I'm not quite sure how to proceed with that as I don't know on what dashboards these vehicles are based on. Moreso default game cars also share the same dashboards a lot so it's even more confusing, huh


    @Frostelis Are you using an updated version of the game?

  • I've downgraded to the previous patch cause I couldn't be bothered to wait for the updated scripthook.

  • @ReNNie Okay, double posting, but since I kind of solved this issue, I guess it's not bad in this case. Found a great explanation on what needs to be done in some reddit thread in gta modding sub. I'll copy that comment here for future reference for everyone who may encounter the same problem I did.

    "Open the vehicles.meta section for your DLC car (which I assume you took from a base game car it was intended to replace), CTRL+F and search for "VDT" without the quotes.
    You should see something like "VDT_TAILGATER" (the VDT stands for Vehicle Dashboard Type)

    Go to x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf, scroll down to the V (alphabetical order) section.

    Find the "veh_xxxx_interior.ytd" (or whatever it's actually called) that corresponds to your vehicle. If your car had VDT_TAILGATER you'll want to open veh_schafter_interior.ytd. If it says something else you'll have to look up the right ones (VDT_DUKES is veh_monroe_interior AFAIK)

    Once your ytd file is open, extract the file beginning with "script_rt_dials" and make sure to extract as .dds.

    Go to wherever your DLC car is, open its ytd file, import those dial script textures and you should be good."

    I did this with my replacer - to - addon converted Cadillac Brougham 1985, the dials are working now.

    Solved, I guess.


    ah damn you beat me to it
    I was just going to look into for it for you
    glad you solved it!

    but still... I have never gone this route of dragging in the actual texture. Ever.
    And I converted many replacers to add-on over the past years
    Eg on this Cadillac Brougham 1985 all you need to do is make sure it's set to

    and in <txdRelationships>


    Why I previously asked if your game was updated, is to check if you were maybe struggling with the race_generic race dials. When consolidating single add-ons to a dlcpack I found it easy to include at the top of <txdRelationships>


    so that cars that need <parent>vehicles_race_generic</parent> have properly working dials

  • @ReNNie To be fair, I had the wrong vehicle interior written there as a blunder, I had the Peyote interior instead of Monroe interior written, fixed that as well. Just took several boot ups and checking out the car, heh. It's good this, thanks. As I haven't actually finished doing that stuff yesterday with all the cars, so I will start soon again today. Next stop - Chrysler New Yorker, so if accurately editing these two files is enough then it will make it a bit easier. Just had time enough to do the Brougham 85 and Fleetwood 93.
    I confess, some of the vehicle.meta files are basically copied with minimal adjustments from other more or less randomly chosen addons, so that's why there are wrong interior lines written in, as I had no idea about this whole thing when I started doing the conversions.

  • @ReNNie dude it took me a minute to realize where you guys were getting these relationships info from. I finally realized there are into at the very bottom of the meta sheet LOL! Thanks for saving all my replacements now.

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