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Where to put the PC Trainer V 1.1in GTA V

  • Where in the GTA V directory do I put the PC Trainer V 1.1 I went on one of the steam support pages and they gave me some instructions but it still is not working I have everything bound correctly but I cants access it while playing single player? Is it in story mode or Director Mode?

  • @Trucker-James What is the filetype? If it's .asi then place it in main GTA V directory, but if it's a .dll then move in to the scripts folder. If you do not already have it, install ScripthookV and ScripthookVDotNet and move them all those files in the main game, except for the nativetrainer.asi if you want a different one. Then make a scripts folder in the GTA V directory also. I recommend watching a youtube videio if you do not understand.

  • Thank you Ill try what you said to do and see how it goes and thanks.

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