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Can't Find Flash GT In Handling.meta!

  • Just a quick question. Where can I find the Flash GT in the handling.meta file on openIV? I want to add an AWD mod that changes the handling of the car I want by copying and pasting the code in the handling.meta on openIV for that car but it's not anywhere in the handling.meta on openIV. Where can I find the Flash GT to change the handling on it?

  • @energizegamingHD

    Usually it would be in the same dlc as the car was added in?

    I don't have the FlashGT in my game so I'm not sure of it's exact file locations but if no-one else knows it's specifics you should be able to find it by doing this:

    • Find the vehicle's '.yft' & copy it's name (without the '.yft' file extension, presumably 'flashgt' at a guess, but could be different. Make a note of it for later anyway).
    • In OpenIV hit 'Ctrl+F3' (select 'search in "mods" folder only' in drop-down) & then search for 'vehicles.meta' (you will find ~100 files).
    • Extract them all (top right of box) to a folder of your choice (doesn't matter where).
    • Now download & install Agent Ransack (or any other search program that can search inside files in a folder structure & is nicer, quicker & easier to use than Windows crappy 'gonna be dead by the time this finishes' search).
    • Open your search program in the same folder as you extracted all the 'vehicles.meta' files to earlier (Agent Ransack can be set to open with 'Ctrl+F' for example & replace Windows Search functionality, which is very useful :thumbsup: ).
    • Search inside the files for the the name you found in step 1 above.
    • Once you find the correct 'vehicles.meta/s' find the vehicle's entry & look at the '<handlingId>' line:
          <handlingId>HANDLING NAME HERE</handlingId>

    Now you have the flashgt's handling id you then use that name to do the same as you have done above to search for it's handling but this time in the 'handling.meta' files.

    Once you identify the correct handlingid settings in the various 'handling.meta' files you extract, you then compare the file size of that 'handling.meta' to the ones listed in the OpenIV Search box to identify which one it is & thus find the correct location in the game (double-check you have the correct one at this point).

    Note: Windows & OpenIV file sizes will vary slightly with the same file. You can drop the 'handling.meta' you find back into a random folder (delete after) inside OpenIV to get an exact file size to use for the comparison with the Search box list.

    Hope it helps bud :thumbsup:

  • I've looked through ever DLC file and there's not a single file to do with the car yet I still have it in game. I can't find it's location at all.


    @energizegamingHD check the vehicles.meta for that car to see what handling name it’s using.
    Could be using the same handling as another car

  • Mines in:

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