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Strip club has no hookers Franklin cant do stranger tasks

  • I really dont know what went wrong the whole game and mods are up to date,im using simple trainer i have added some cars,i have installed a weapon sound mod and replaced some guns,not other scripts or something i had finished the main missions before i installed everything cause i had troubles at the past with missions while i iwas using mods(i was stucked in a mission cause wouldnt load the things) and now i finished it again put mods all was ok i let some strangers tasks for having something to do while using car mods and stuff and noticed someday while i went to the strip club that doesnt have something to do there,no drinks no stuff(barwoman,hookers etc) only the bodyguard is outside and some peds inside just sitting and watching to nothing..also cant track Ursula(stranger that Franklin find and bring her to her home etc),ponsboys shop is closed, i also have a quest on map with 'T?' which stance for ''Tonya" i go there and nothing happens although i have done some quests for her the past days by calling her but now cant do anything..Does anyone have experienced something like this? I find it weird and dont know how to solve it,need some help!

  • I assume you have a gameconfig.xml installed as well? That could be the core problem of stuff not appearing and missions breaking.

  • @Pizzahut Never thought about that,im gonna check it.. i just checked and that was the problem,gameconfig.xml..i put the vanilla one removed add ons dlclist and extratitleup(add on car folders) and works properly..but how to have all my cars planes etc without ruin the game things?? ive seen people have tons of add ons without losing any in game features and with the vanilla gameconfig i can have like 15 add ons not more..ive test lot of gameconfig and only one worked with lots of put on stuff i dont wanna replace cars etc..

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