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Cutscene Aspect Ratio - please help!

  • Hi.

    First off, I've got a 21:9 ultrawide monitor (2560x1080 max native resolution).

    Normally, I'd run the game in 2560x1080 but my video card is mega trash so I thought reducing the resolution would be a great way to gain FPS.

    ( The quality difference between 2560x1080 and 1920x1080 is basically not noticeable.)

    So I adjusted NVIDIA Control Panel settings in such a manner that it optimizes games for 16:9 instead 21:9.
    Screenshot: (my settings)

    alt text

    It does work when I change the in-game resolution to 1920x1080 and the aspect ratio to 16:9. While in-game, I see two black bars on the side and it's all correct.

    Problem starts when I get into a cutscene, - a mission if you like. As soon as the cutscene begins, it adds an extra pair of black bars next to the existing ones, resulting in a narrower screen. I think it makes the overall aspect ratio 5:4 or so. I really hate this. It really shouldn't change the aspect ratio when it's already in 16:9...

    Please someone help, I'm sick of this!

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