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Game crashing after update -

  • Soo after the recent update my game will open up, then crash at the loading screen. There has been no exceptions and it always crashes. I've tried p much all know fixes for game updates screwing with mods but nothing has worked. I updated every single mod I have to it's latest version, including ScriptHook, and even took all the mods out of my scripts and root folder, but the game is still crashing. I'm totally blanked at this point and can't find anything else to help. Maybe something in the mods folder, but I don't know what I can do besides use my backup game, which I really don't wanna do yet.


    @Skuttleduffy Try to update your gameconfig

  • Yeah, try all gameconfigs until one works for you. I had to remove my two addon aircraft and use my stock gameconfig for the game to stop freezing on me. I still can't figure it out so no addons for me until then I guess. If you have a modded gameconfig try putting back the vanilla one and removing all addons and see if that helps ya.

  • im having the same issue. it was working yesterday but today it crashes on loading. havent removed many of my mods yet but when i went into scripthook's log i couldnt find the issue either

  • Mines Doing The Same Thing Too it Worked Fine Yesterday And Then Boom Today Not Working and update my gameconfig too

  • Fixed this a while back, sorry for not commenting.
    Turns out all I had to do was update my mods folder through OpenIV. When I opened it it just told me I needed to, and gave me the option, then everything worked again.

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