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Vocal Dispatch

  • So i have tried pretty much everything in the book to figure this out, with the Vocal Dispatch mod you're suppose to be able to use your voice, right? Well according to the mod when you request a ped check, you get f*ck all. This has been a problem since I downloaded it.
    I have gone through 2 times and done the speech recognition just so the computer can learn my voice a bit more; which has helped a lot in using vocal callouts.

    My only problem is "Requesting ped/person, requesting plate check and half the time Requesting pursuit backup" don't recognize and send a error saying they didn't copy. I tried saying the words EXACTLY how they are pronounced and still got the same thing. I've also tried using different phrases, I.E Request person, request check, etc that are all in the file.

    All mods are up to date, all plugins are up to date, game is legal/UTD so I can only imagine this is either my accents fault (wouldn't make much sense cause everything else has worked besides those three) or the mod just doesn't actually work for checking a ped or plate.

    The license plate check, ped check and pursuit back are the ones that are very touchy. Anyone else have this problem and got it fixed? It would be nice to stay in my car and ask for a plate check verbally instead of clicking 4 buttons on my keyboard.

    Also, I've even tried changing the language (yes I translated the language like he said to do) and doing it that way but I have had no progress with those 2 and little bit of 3 phrases.

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