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how do i download single player mods without getting banned online

  • i want to download some single player mods but also be able to play online how do i do this i have seen guides saying u gotta copy ur folder and have 1 for modded gta and 1 not but that seems like a lotta work for a couple mods

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  • Well... You need to make sure GTA 5 doesn't find the mods you have, and the easiest is to have 2 game copies.
    An alternative- is to know which files are mod files and move them away from your GTA 5 directory when you want to play.

    There's also a possibility that someone has made a mod manager of sorts that can do this for you.

    If you have the steam version- you can delete files that aren't named something x64y.rpf, and do a steam verification of the games integrity.

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