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"Can't find..." model

  • Just recently have been having an issue where I can't load in car models. I started with a car to test it (Iroc Z Camaro) and it worked fine, I have it sitting in my garage. Then I decided to try another one and followed the same steps, but my loader refuses to locate the car. Now I can't load the Iroc either. Any idea what's going on?

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  • I actually just found a fix myself. If you have something overwriting your dlclist.xml from within your MOD folder and you edit your raw dlclist.xml from the ingame files anything you try and edit will not actually be run since the game will be running off the overwritten one. Edit all of your cars into the MOD dlclist.xml and the issue should go. This is just one fix that is so obvious it flies over your head.

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