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2011 Lapd Crown Vic

  • Hey L.A Fans, So it came to my attention that we have no real L.A poilce cars. What if i told u that thats gonna be changeing soon. And that im working on a Lapd 2011 Crownvic Rn. My plans are to make it Badass like

    -Accurate real life scale
    -Custom Handling [First time]
    -Lots of Parts
    -Full new collision 100% exact to car size
    -HQ interior
    -Trunk & Doors work!
    -Real life like door opening!
    -Working dials!
    -HQ engine
    -HQ car body
    -HQ undercarriage
    -Full gta 5 materials
    -Smooth reflections
    -Breakable crystals
    -Correct first person view camera
    -Working headlights leds
    -Brake and reversing lights
    -Front indicators
    -HQ door sills
    -Correctly scaled tires
    -Working steering wheel
    -Hands on wheel
    -Multi Level Dirt mapping
    -Side mirrors and cockpit mirror reflect correctly
    -Non Els

  • Maybe show screenshots of your work, unless you made this thread and you haven't started work on the model yet.

    EDIT: Also, just know there's already a boatload of CVs as is. https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/crown+victoria

    I'm not saying don't do your model, but I'm just saying, from what I can tell, a 2011 Crown Vic is no different from a 1999 version other than maybe the grill, unless someone can point out other details to me that differentiate from one another.

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