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BF Benito

  • Hi

    Hi guys

    The days will be uploaded my next Car Mod it is the BF Benito.

    This is my biggest car mod so far

    Stay tuned ;)

  • @BB20

    Lore friendly car ?

  • Yes,

    but let yourself be surprised ;)

    More more is coming soon.....

  • @BB20 Don't you have some screenies for teasing ? I LOOOOOOVE Lore Friendly cars !
    I've some ideas btw if you're interested

    Also, what are your future projects ?

  • I have enough pictures, but I do not know how to upload them here ...

    I love Lore Friendley cars too ... all Lore Friendley Mods are awesome they fit in perfectly with the game.

    Unfortunately, I can not say anything more about my future projects, but I'm planning a Sentinel Shooting Brake ....

    If you have ideas then get out there so I'm open for everything: D

  • Hi,

    I'm updating the Benito and I'm stuck with the door animations ... when entering the vehicle, the animation does not fit how can I change it?

  • Hi guys it's nice)

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