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  • Hello guyz, My exams are gonna be over soon ( March 29th ). So , my long planned dream of making a visual and mechanical overhaul mod for gta v has now come into existence, but, I'm not that sort of a scripting end knowledge worm, I need some help...... I'm making a team to make this successful... I just need help with some reviews and some file editing.....Don't worry, anyone who joins shall be given all credit he/she deserves.! AND, plz don't say that I'm advertising JOB OPENINGS or something... I'm just asking for help! It also DOES NOT Involve money! Plz help if u can

  • I'll try to help you. I worked as a developer on one of the largest sites that specializes in the production of game content. His name Drakemall here is selected the best slot machines and surprises boxes, if you need my help then write.

  • @johnberham
    Sorry for being a little late for the reply..... YES! Any help is appreciated ! I really need your HELP!
    BTW... Keeping in mind your work in the development team of Drakemall...... I guess u got really good SCRIPTING skills... don't you ?

    Here's the invi

    In the CREW... we have "b4good".. he's quite experienced with file locations and has promised to help me .... being my senior!

  • in order to create a mod, you have to be expert in some good scripting language, as you are beginner try to learn from tutorials then start to make one.

  • @reece_joe
    Thats the point.... I can do things with .xml files quite good... but with .dll ones and others that add certain certain scripts and algorithmic functions... my brain feels dizzy.... can you help ? If so... I'll send you the invite link ASAIC !

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