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the crew map is now possible to port

  • https://zenhax.com/viewtopic.php?t=8879

    there has been a tool released to export the crew map. So if anyone is interested to port the crew map to gta V, now its possible.

  • @shephart Should be usefull to import buildings for some custom map projects such as GTAUniverse :smiley:

  • These maps are a nightmare to reach a look near to the original, too many models and textures to build in GTA V, map modders port models and textures trying to simplify material edition ignoring a proper work, but lets to see. Nice if someone have a big patience to port this.

  • @shephart @MetaGTA for the past few days I've been trying this. It looks pretty promising, however the textures aren't exported too nicely. A solution to @MetaGTA's concern about the massive size could be splitting up the map (i.e. A NY region map, a Chicago map). I probably won't be releasing it publicly due to copyright issues. Perhaps I might give it to someone who could prove ownership of the game, but we'll see.

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