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[RESOLVED] how to delete comments?

  • how do I delete comments on a file page? how?

  • @yeahhmonkey I don't think that helps... does it?

    @TheSwagLlama On a file, to remove a comment:

    If it's a comment you made, you have a very limited time to delete it. After a certain amount of time passes, it will be locked and will no longer be able to be deleted. To have it removed once it's been locked, you will have to ask for help from @rappo.

    If the comment is NOT yours, you cannot delete the comment yourself. The only way to have it removed is to, again, ask @rappo to do so. If it's something you do not agree with, that will not be a good enough reason to request to have it removed. It will only be OK to ask for it to be removed if it breaks one of the rules.

  • Resolved via private messages

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