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Odd 3 textures show up on custom 3ds max made floor depending on angle.

  • @Dekurwinator Sorry Dek, you're the only person I know of right now that I could tag that would possibly have the answer. I need the experienced help from you or anyone else willing to share a bit of their knowledge.

    I got tired of using ME to try to build my mod, so now I am currently working on the finishing touches to the floor I made in 3ds Max for my Grove Street Garage mod. It's basic, but works great and I finally got the texture mesh to line up with the collision mesh. I tried a couple different textures, and thought I found the one I was going to keep, but then it acted up like none of the other textures I tried. I didn't change any other settings than the texture file assigned to the selected object when I applied it, so I don't know why it would act this way when at lease 4 others did not.

    Here is a short video showing how the Tarmac texture is behaving. I selected that Tarmac texture using the tool to get the texture from an object and I picked the parking lot area because I wanted it to look the same.

    What is causing the behavior and m other question would be why is it showing up darker than the area I used to select the texture?

    Here is a video with the concrete texture and it acts just fine.

    I am still googling to try to look for answers, but I'm not finding this exact issue. I'm probably not searching the correct terms or something. I'm also going through tutorials I find and not finding much on what I could have done wrong to cause this behavior and for it to be showing up darker. I'm going to keep looking, but if anyone could give me an answer or point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it and the time it would save me.

  • @Dekurwinator Thanks a bunch for the help. Got everything working correctly now. It helped to start over with the texture mesh file since it was cut up into many polygons and when I was trying to line it up with the collision, there were many little gaps along the edges that I couldn't see in 3ds but can in game. Now the 3 sections are simplified and that also made the lines in the texture line up evenly. I was also trying to blend materials (theoretically in my mind) to make the concrete less dark, and I think that was actually more of an issue, since I didn't know what the other two textures I was using looked like plus I was blindly trying stuff out. After looking at the video some more, I realized that I had the texture for kerbs and texture for a different section of the road that was the lighter texture with yellow edge paint on it. Those are the other two textures that were showing up at different angles. I removed that attempt at a custom texture and set it to the vanilla concrete texture and set it up like normal and it's all good now.

    @skylumz Found your tutorials yesterday and have been going through them. They have also been a big help with a lot of the little things I don't know I needed to know.

    I want to thank both of yall for making tutorials and sharing your knowledge.

  • Another real quick question, do you know where I would need to look to be able to remove the spawning trash around the front garage door entrance? I've managed to remove all the weeds, and the odd border of funk around the bottom of the building, and have located a bunch of rubble or rubbish files, but I can not find where that trash info is located. I've used code walker to look for the info, but nothing about that spawning trash shows up, not even in the Time Cycle Modifier, since it seems the trash shows up at certain times and is gone at others.

  • @chonkie No problem man :) glad you enjoyed it.. join the discord if you need help links in the tutorials

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