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Moving parts Animations

  • well this is a question for senior modders more, experienced ones i guess. i have been using default animations for my mods so far, cars , aircraft basically,

    but today i made some custom animations for moving parts of my aircraft model, landing gear and fuel probe , the animations work perfectly in zmodeler 3, but when i export and run the game, even when animation is triggered , it does not play at all in the game. so i was wondering , if you guys have any idea on what am i doing wrong? or does zmodeler 3 does not integrate animations into the model parts?

    have you ever made moving wipers? for windscreen? or may be a convertible roof of a car? sliding doors may be? has it been done? any guidance would be much appriciated, i know i will figure it out on my own, but it might take longer. so here i am asking for guidance. anyone?

  • @FoxtrotDelta I wasn't aware GTA supported custom animations. I thought you could only use the animations that were already in game.

  • I don't really think that GTA supports stuff like that.

  • @Oskar so basically you can only use animations already in game, right?

  • jedijosh has a custom fight animations mod

  • @turtlevan yea thats why i asked. people can make custom animations. and its usually included in an .ini file. or .dll nothing else. its strange for me. may be animations are already in the game and they just programme it? anyways its a new territory for me. i will learn it . when i have time.

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