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Questions about Popcycle.dat

  • I like night view, so I locked in-game time at 11 p.m.. After editing settings.xml, gameconfig.xml and popcycle.dat, I make travel density back to daytime level, to avoid GTAV looking too empty.
    But I still face some problems.

    1. Even after editing popcycle.dat, some peds still only appear at daytime in some area, Iike customers in Pacific Bluffs shopping mall, peds at Procopio Beach, guys standing at the Burton subway station entrance, mountain climber, etc. They seems not linked to popcycle.dat. What file is in charge of them?

    2. What will happen if items in popcycles.dat not equal 100 after added up? The game still runs well in my test, it doesn't crash. Why? GTAV can adapt data automaticly, e.g. make VEH_RICH taking up 65/125, or there's another backup popcycle.dat in somewhere to read?

    Sorry for my English, and thx to any helpful information.


    those peds are probably controlled via scenarios as those include time variables

    on the popcycle.dat question, I'm wondering that myself too
    it always said it needs to add up to 100 yet even Olanov's 'Cops back on the beat' alters that and I'm using that since day one?

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