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Creating Addon Radio Stations

  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to properly create addon radio stations? I know it’s been done since we have one on the site already, but there’s no information on how to properly put one together yourself.

  • @Alaannnn yea bro me too Iam also wondering I mean I also know how to create a add on version but I searched in all in Google etc. So I am requesting anyone reply me how to create a add on version please


    over at VanillaWorks Discord there's a #soundshop in which members are discussing adding radiostations

    you need the most recent dev version of CodeWalker from dexyfex' Discord, the server also has a channel on #audio-stuff
    to be able to do audio.dat.rel XML editing which contain control information on radiostations ingame

    alt text

    creating the audio file itself follows the ingame structure of the audio files so you can check current radiostations ingame
    to find out that logic and you'll need a tool like Audacity to transform downloaded tracks to V format

    most difficult is HEX editing the HUD information in hud.gfx to display the icon on the radio wheel
    making the trackinfo show up is done by editing global.gxt2 and trackid.gxt2

    for more information and Wildbrick's (under construction) Radio Docs HUB please check here:

  • @ReNNie Thanks! I'll check it out

  • @ReNNie sorry for ressurecting a dead thread, but can you send me a link to the vanilla works discord? getting back into modding again for the 194457572th time lol

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