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[HELP] Adding new cars into the game

  • Hi there, just recently bought the game, been looking at some really cool mods, now I want to add these car mods to the game but not sure how to go about this, do I add or replace the exsisting car file?? If I choose to just add the car, would it be seen being driven around by the NPC or would I only be able to see the " added " cars if I spawn them myself??

  • You can either choose to add OR replace existing cars, depending on whether or not the ones you are looking to get actually give you both options. Adding cars is just like how it sounds. It adds a new car, without replacing an existing vanilla one. Replacing a car, replaces the existing vanilla car with whatever the modded car is. As for the NPC question, I am assuming you are asking if NPC's would be seen driving the modded cars around. I am pretty sure the answer is no, if you add the car. If you replace a car, there is a chance that NPC's can be seen driving around a modded car. You spawn the added cars in via a trainer mod. I am not sure if there is any other way to get them besides that. Hope that cleared some things up for you :)

  • @UrPrayinGrace Yes, there is a way to spawn add-on vehicles in traffic, and it's really easy after you get the hang of it.
    I've written about it in the tutorials section, feel free to read it.

  • @Akila_Reigns Wow! I had absolutely no idea.... I'm gonna try this out later. Thanks !

  • Thank you every much, that has pretty much cleared up my question :) I shall go and take a look at the tutorial.

  • I'm stuck again, I'm using OpenIV and the Mod Manager to use and install car mods and other visual mods, the problem I have now is, how do I install car addons? This mod doesn't offer choice to replace a car, I'm currently trying to install the Nissan Skyline ( link is at the bottom ), I have created a seperate mods folder outside of the GTA V directory because I still want to play online without using mods, I have followed all the steps in the README file but don't see the mod in the mod manager, anyone able to share some light on this??

  • @UKBanger421 Read my tutorial, It might help you.

  • Hi, I read through your tutorial, how do I switch from using the modded files in single player which is in the folder " mods " to playing the online with a vanilla game? I want to be able to go on online safely without the worry of getting banned from using mods in single player.

  • @UKBanger421 Remove ASI loader and you are good to go. Put it back on when you start single player with mods.
    Always remember to install mods into the Mods folder.

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