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[WIP][SCRIPT] Los Santos Racing Syndicate (still trying to come with a name)

  • Link to the previous thread in modding help:
    here it is

    I will update planned features and work progress in this thread.

    It will use, as a base (and they will be required to download before this mod) some scripts, including Street Races and/or Community Races, Better Chases & Arrest Warrant, Faster AI Drivers, and probably more.

    Also, I'll need to contact vehicle makers to get the permissions to include those cars in the game. We could use vanilla cars tho, and they wouldn't be so bad actually - I'd just rather use real cars. But for now, I'm just laying this thread down. More info to follow, stay tuned.

  • So, six months later, this thing is finally going to be developed.

    This is what i plan to do with it:

    The mod will be divided in two parts: Illegal street racing (Police and stuff), sanctioned street racing (So legal races in town), and motorsport (Circuits like Nurburgring, etc)

    The script will also require the ARS mod by Eddlm, useful for the motorsport part of the mod.

    But how would it be structured? There are two concepts the career will revolve around: Level and Time.

    Level grows separatly between legal and illegal races. The further it goes, the more difficult and rewarding events you will unlock. Standard stuff.

    For the Time... let's think about an hybrid between Forza Motorsport 2 and the first Racedriver: GRID career.

    You can either choose to enter a championship with a racing team or by making your team. In the second case you need to purchase a car but you level up more. While the championship is on, you can also enter some events in between the races if you wish to. If you are with your own team, you will have more freedom.

    I hope I explained myself well. I am still trying to design this and have it clearer in my head before actually writing the code.

    I hope to have more updates soon!

    *better name currently pending

    Los Santos Racing Syndicate is a script that manages entire seasons of racing all across Los Santos and any other environment you added races in! It's being designed mostly as a stat-tracker for your avatar
    and all of the AI drivers around the world.
    At the moment, it is being designed to be compatible with Street Races and ARS mods by Eddlm, and the Better Chase / Arrest warrant mod. (in fact it will require them).

    This mod has two major components: Illegal street racing (with cops joining in and trying to spoil the fun) and legal/motorsport events (on street or permanent tracks)

    This is a small post/document that illustrates what you should expect from this mod once completed - and also as a draft for a manual. This will also help me to clear my head and decide what shall be included

    The mod will not recognize any and all cars, but instead will read XML files of cars which will need to be specifically created. Probably it will use the ARS ones.

    Once you've installed the mod and created your avatar, you will be prompted to buy a car to add to your collection. Once that is done, you will need to choose if that car will be for legal or illegal racing.
    THIS CHOICE CANNOT BE REVERSED, so this means that this will decide what kind of events you will be starting with.

    In order to participate to events, you'll need to select an event from the menu. You will notice that an event may span for multiple days or weeks: if you register to that events be careful! At the chosen day
    and time, you will be automatically teleported to the event in question.

    You may decide to enter an event alone or by working under a Racing Team. A Racing Team will get a cut over your prizes, but will pay the entrance fee for you and loan you their car for free. By racing alone
    (or under your racing team), you will need to pay an entrance fee and bring your own car. Don't worry though, there are many low-level events which can be joined for free, both legal and illegal, so always
    keep a low-level car just in case you need to grind. Eventually you may be managing one (or more) racing teams, more on that later.

    Most events have a LEVEL barrier too, meaning you'll need a certain LEVEL for that discipline (so PRO LEVEL or STR LEVEL). In a Sanctioned Street Race, your highest level between the two will count.

    In the end, another stat you will need to take care of is Prestige. Prestige is gained by winning races, and LOST BY LOSING RACES. Prestige determines if Racing Teams will offer you racing seats, and how much
    money they are willing to leave to you in order to acquire your services. Also, performing poorly for a Racing Team means they will lose prestige too. Some penalties may be applied, and they won't definetly
    want to race with you for some time. So don't screw it up.

    Also, during Street Races (or while freeroaming if you cause a ruckus), you may be chased by Police. Police is going to be overhauled: they will only use cars and they will use faster cars if the chase goes
    on for too long or you are too fast/dangerous. The higher your "Heat", the higher the price if they catch you. If you can't afford the fine, then they will compensate with your car. WARNING: Highest level
    legal Racing Teams may require you to pay all of your fines in order to join them. Also some extremely high level legal Racing Leagues may have a clean penal record as a requirement. This means that sooner or
    later you may need to choose if to go to Motorsport or stick to Street Racing.

    In the end, you may be able to manage one or more Racing Teams yourself. This endeavour is costly at first, but by choosing the right talent it can become a steady cash income. Warning: you will need to pay
    entrance fees for drivers and provide them with cars. Some high Prestige drivers may ask you more cut of the prize, better cars, or even a bonus. But it just may be worth it. Drivers of your racing teams
    can participate in any event - even those you aren't directly into. It's going to be a meta-game which will require careful planning. Remember of all the expenses you'll need to pay.

    In the end, single Cars will have their own records too. Every car will have a licence plate and a complete history of their owners, the trophies their upgrades, - and their bounty. All of these may increase
    or decrease a car's value. You may need to sell or purchase cars to or from other drivers.

    You will be also able - by spending money - to organize leagues and events. This will give you plenty of Prestige.

    Twice a day, all the events of that timeframe in which you didn't take part in will be simulated - so the world will feel more alive.

    These are all of the plans, now in the next post I am going to briefly explain how I plan to do it.

  • The mod will have two major parts: the first of course is the script (Which will use the Scripthook V.Net framework), and the world's data, which will be saved in .json files. These include all of the cars, events, pilots, teams, etc.

    As I also said, this mod will require other scripts. In order to work, it will also read their .XMLs for the single events. I may need to actually recode and adapt some of the needed scripts in order to better suit the mod's needs, but I believe it will be hardly necessary. This reply will be updated as soon as I have more details so stay tuned!

  • UPDATE: github Repo is live! No actual files on it, just the planning. Still, is something. Of course, when there are updates, they are most likely gonna be visible there first!


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