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  • Greetings fellow gta modders! I recently installed VisualV & can't decide what other graphics mods I should install. I looking for some professional advice. I would like to maximize my gta graphics making everything as realistic as I can. So what other graphics mods should I install other than VisualV?

  • @pcninja23 Natural Vision graphics mod
    See here.

  • @Akila_Reigns Thank you. I tried that graphics mod but was unsuccessful. going to try it again. Thank you again.

  • La roads & La vegetation by Cryhd forsure right off the bat. Dont forget to install the patches. Then the 5k vegetation mod ontop of that looks phenomenal if your rig can handle it.

    Get the HD Vehshare.ytd 3.1. Amazing visuals...

    Get real vehicle damage 1.3

    Get Emergency lighting enhancement 3.5

    Get real thunder (its a sound mod) incredible

    Get looney lightning mod V2

    Get Insane Rain

    Get ambient entitty_fx v5

    Get Insane explosion texture

    I really hate to say this... but use REDUXs visualsettings.dat as a base. The tone mapping values seems to look best imo. Go thru this site & find what you want, then just copy & paste values of different sections of visualsettings.dat. I have about 6 or 7 different mods throuout my visualsettings.dat just experement... a lot.

    I use reshade 2.0 & the presets that come with REDUX. They are undeniably good. UltraV1,2&3. & deep and rich.

    Redux has a couple files that really helped me. Just opened the OIV with winzip & took what I wanted without installing the whole mod.

    Now your GTAV will look great. lol

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