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Add some more submenus to this mod? "SP Outfits Saving"

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sp-outfit-saving#comments_tab

    The source is available on github:

    Since I don't have Visual Studio and I'm bad at programming, could anyone do it for me / for us, or tell me how to do it?

    I want to add the following items
    1.) Never wanted (with showing status whether it's on or off)
    2.) Infinite HP aka God mode (with showing status whether it's on or off)
    3.) +5000 dollars added to balance (with 10 seconds delay between each use)

    I made a picture of how I imagine it:

    1.) Change "OUTFITS MENU" header text to

    "MISCELLANEOUS ACTIONS MENU" - the text should change color according to which character is used (Franklin - green, Trevor - orange, Michael - blue)

    2.) Add 3 menu options with these captions:

    • Never Wanted
    • Invincibility
    • Add $5000 To Balance

    Also, you can see those < > symbols on the right. Is it possible to make it work like that? The user could switch between ON/OFF using num 4 and num 6. If it's not possible, it should just be a button. Num 5 to activate and num 5 again to deactivate.

    3.) Change "List" text to "Outfits List"
    4.) Change "save" text to "Save Current Outfit"

    alt text

    Can anyone do it? If you COULD do it but don't want to, would you explain how to do it? It should be a few lines of code only (For the menu/sub menu and these 3 options)

    Also, how do I compile it when done coding? I must download visual studio? And it's a single .dll file originally. I don't know how to create .dll files.

  • Please close this because I did this mod myself, no longer needed.

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