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Huge fps drop with scripthookdotnet mods

  • So I've been experiencing a big fps loss from scripthookdotnet mods, mostly single player apartments and executive business mod, without these i get 120 fps on average and with them it just drops to 30 fps, am I doing something wrong? Or maybe i need to configure some extra settings to not have this sort of loss?
    My pc specs:

    • Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    • Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G4600 3.60GHz
    • Motherboard ASRock H110M - HDV R3.0
    • 2x 4GB RAM

    I'm also using a couple of different mods, some addons, .asi plugins and other scripthookdotnet mods but these don't affect my performance

  • Single player apartments is a pretty big fps killer. This guy did some testing and it dropped his fps by 24 frames https://forums.gta5-mods.com/post/65036. Now you seem to be suffering a lot larger fps drops. This could be in part due to your cpu. Script mods use the CPU more afaik and you don't have to most powerful processor so it could be why youre experencing much larger drops. How much of an fps drop do you get using Single Player Apartments only?

  • @ramrod i tested with just SPA and it's about 45 fps on average i guess i just might need a cpu upgrade sometime in the future

  • IIRC, I heard the Executive Business mod is not the most optimized either.

  • While it's a big investment, I second the CPU upgrade. Trying to run games, let alone modded games with a Pentium (despite it being a modern one) is like you trying to run a marathon while only able to breathe through a tiny straw taped into your mouth and your nose glued shut.Yeah you'd be able to walk, but you'd struggle with more than that. When you can, see what CPUs your motherboard socket supports and go for an i3 or i5 when your budget can allow for it.

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