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A couple issues modifying .ydd and .ytd

  • I've used gimp to redo some skins (uppr and lowr) of an ig ped (Amanda), to replace the default ones. I replaced the oem ones with the modded .dds in the mod folder of openIV, so names are correct. Clicking the .ydd file in openIV shows the skin of the lowr is applied correctly in the pop up window and looks good. However, no matter what I do, I can't get the upper .ydd to display the modded uppr .ytd skin when clicking on the .ydd. It just shows the bare form w/o skin?

    Also, I tried ONLY having the lowr reskin in the mod folder, and game crashes saying something is corrupt. So despite displaying lower model form with the modded skin correctly in openIV, game won't boot with it?

    Does the game have checksums on the .ytd/.ydd files for in-game characters? Or is it checking the file size or something? Do I need to use something like blender 3d to alter something?

    To be clear, I do NOT want to spawn npcs. I want to alter in-game npcs. Everything I find seems to focus on spawnable npcs with something like add on peds.

  • NVM, figured it out. Problem was elsewhere in the mod folder.

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