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need help with zmodeler

  • so im working on a model and the wheels arnt sitting right can anybody please help me with this i know about the hub on the wheel not being there but i cant get the wheel to sit in the correct postion 0_1551553186840_upload-044bc64d-ad1a-46f7-b1ea-1d100559cf4e

  • @xRaisin Include the hubs and then put wheel physically into right place. After that, reset axes to world, then center axes again, then copy axes from physical wheel to [wheel_lf] dummy. You can now compound the [wheel_lf] again, should work 100%. Rim is not showing (if I am making 1+1) because material is not vehicle_tire

    Oh and You might wanna go in front view and align vertically all the other wheel dummies (on driver side), if You managed to move them without knowing.

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