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Annoying pop up video in the corner of my screen

  • Every single time I visit this site there is a pop of video in the lower right hand corner of my screen showcasing someones mod. Its the single most annoying thing Ive ever experienced on a GTA mod site. Not to mention intrusive because it overlaps the catalog of mods actually trying to see. Is there a way to turn this off?



    We're trialling a new ad format at the moment that a lot of the mainstream sites are now using. It's my hope the money will go towards more development time for the site, as well as increasing the amount I'm donating to mod authors each month. Right now I'm donating about $400 a month, but I hope to up that to at least $1,000 a month depending on how the ad format performs.

  • @Dark0ne said in Annoying pop up video in the corner of my screen:

    least $1,000 a month

    great answer. now i dont feel so annoyed. atleast its helping us get more support for our modders . we all know modding is not really a source of income but it should be lol

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