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Importing A Car For The 1st Time (Q's)

  • Hi~

    So I've wanted to import a vehicle to GTA5 for a long time! Learning zmodeller etc, and how to create stuff, make the vehicle work normally, etc. Just pure experimenting. But my knowledge is poor. Though an advantage I have, is knowing someone who has converted many cars before, I think they stopped a long time ago.

    I'm not sure what to mod into GTA5. Where do you get/buy your models? I know some are game to game converts such as GT4-GTA5 or FM3 to GTA5. If there is a site that sells 3D models for a good price, a totally blank canvas, I'd be interested. As well as doing a convert, where a car is half there too.

    I have a XB1 and a PS4, as well as a nice collection of Steam games.
    So where should I start, and what is your advice? What do you know? Where should I look around?
    Please understand that this is for pure fun, and experimentation. So don't worry about time consumption too much, unless its worth it.

    Thank You~

  • @Namie243 Remember, these things take a lot of time to learn, it is mostly test&try to achieve symbiosis between things and to learn shortcuts. Part in Your text: "I don't know what to model, but I want to" lures me away from here, if I am completely honest. I don't want to sound rude in any way, but I really suggest to get some ideas first, which appeal to You personally. I, for example, had about 1000 ideas when I played with buggy mods and it was easier for me to start learning the techniques. I imported my favourite cars and started to spoil them for a few months before I slowly got my hold.

    I have sit in zModeler for around 2000h now and I can convert absolutely any vehicle from any game by knowing the simplest of facts about random triangles and other random triangles both being triangles...

    Good Luck!

  • @HRH I'm sorry about that sounding vague. I knew what style and year of vehicle, but I was torn between 3 companies. I chose a 1950 Ford Club Coupe. Thank you!

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