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Custom skinned npcs visual bug

  • I reskinned a sp main character and did their cut-scenes too. In-game, it took the reskinned diff_upp/lowr textures w/o issue. I also swapped the uppr/lowr .ydd files. I touched up the textures for body, hands, eyes/teeth, and head.

    A problem that's happening is that person's hands and teef file can bug out in-game. It'll either flash in and out, stretch like taffy, or look like it's alternating rapidly like it's conflicting.

    I tried the exact same files on another npc, and instead of the hands/teef file bugging out, the uppr is bugging. The entire torso will reappear like a ghosting effect in a completely different position above the body. i.e. the npc is facing east, their torso faces south. Sorry, no screens.

    Something is clearly conflicting, but given the same files on 2 different npcs are causing different issues, I'm a little stumped. I tried changing the uppr .ydd only on the one with the uppr torso issue, and it had no effect on the bug out.

    Also, they are not playable npcs.

  • Can you upload a screenshot?

  • I think it was a skeleton issue as I was trying to use a different upper. No longer an issue as I started using zmodeler.

  • Actually, it was a binding mesh to skeleton issue to be more specific. If you get crazy stretched textures that may or may not even resemble anything other than a glob of skin, or certain parts of the torso move/freeze when they aren't supposed to, you'll need to bind it to the skeleton and copy weights from the ped to it IF swapping out directly.

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