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Quechus13's Premium Mods (or anyones to be honest)

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  • No one is paying for anything, friend. People are funding (...big difference) Quechus13 because A). It allows him to put more time into modding, and B). To show appreciation for the hard work and talent he's given to the community.

  • @BatKnight he has mods you cant get unless you pay him on patron.

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  • Virus, that was uncalled for. Tell you what, do better than Quechus13, then come back and talk shit. You know what you need? A new name here, I think one that is rather fitting: Salty Jelly.

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  • Virus, did Quechus13 murder your mother, kick your dog, or take you out for a nice steak dinner and never call you back?

    I'm gonna' vouch for his talent. You may think he's riding someone's coat tails, but he's already innovated modding by scaling the GTA V skeletal model/rigging. And as far as his future prospects? Well, if you're that gifted in precience, I'm sure the intelligence community would benefit moreso than a mod site. Shit, I'll retract any and all disparaging remarks I've made if you'll tell me the winning lottery numbers for Virginia this week.

    Until then...
    What's next? JulioNIB, a commie? MadBreaker, an escaped convict? JediJosh, an alien? Actually, please tell me JediJosh is an alien. That would be all level of Noice! 🙂

  • First of all, I want to clarify that your intention is great, so I do respect that for sure ;)

    People on hold their mods on this website don't have us pay for the mods and they do have the option to donate if they want to. It's voluntary praise for whoever that person that is donating thinks deserves the donation.

    However, how can we stop people from paying for mods on other websites that are out of our hands?

    Besides, let's go beyond the mods... It's not fair that I paid 65 euros for the Steam version of GTA V in January 2015 (Reserve) while others get the game for free as torrent. That is a bigger issue than mods simply because while we can stop people paying (and they don't, anyways) for mods on this website, we cannot stop the huge amount of people that got the game as a torrent and are downloading mods.

  • @Hyper Droid makes a very good point. I find this a very touchy subject; I think that mods and EULAs should never mingle, because as the OP said, when it comes down to it, the only entity that can claim intellectual rights is R*. However, I also believe that those who put hours of time and effort into their mods deserve a little glory, perhaps even a payday (I've happily donated to some). Should they charge outright? I don't think so, but I also don't think it's my place to punish them for it. My reaction is to simply not purchase them, though if they keep improving to the point of being bug free and a little less awkward, I might reconsider.

    If anyone were to do anything about it, it would be at R* and Patreon's discretion. Ultimately, only R* has any room to gripe anyway, unless of course Patreon and/or Quechus13 pays them royalties.

  • @kaddigart said in Quechus13's Premium Mods (or anyones to be honest):

    @Hyper Droid makes a very good point. I find this a very touchy subject; I think that mods and EULAs should never mingle, because as the OP said, when it comes down to it, the only entity that can claim intellectual rights is R*.

    That's actually not true. Intellectual property rights apply to any creation that is not a simple derivative or modification of an existing IP. For example, if I were to rip a car out of another game, convert it to a GTAV mod, I couldn't own any form of IP on that. If however, I built a car from scratch and used my own textures, that model is my IP but the mod itself is not, because it relies on the integration and inclusion of GTAV components/shaders/materials/model structure and heirarchy etc... So no, IP exists on the source of the mod and it belongs to the creator of that source.

    Let's not forget, some of these models come from people (the original authors) who have put a lot of effort into making them and then released them in good faith on a personal use only license... they're not all just ripped from other games. The IP belongs to the original authors, regardless of where the model ends up.

    Now you could argue that EULA's don't apply but the fact is, license terms very much do. If you take someone's work with that kind of license and make money from it, then you're the same as someone making money off pirated games/music etc... I mean, to sidetrack Hyper Droid's analogy a bit. Trying to make money from a modified IP with a personal use license, or something ripped from another game, is like trying to make money selling modded versions of a torrented game.

    If these modders were scratch-building the models, there would be absolutely no complaints from anyone... but they're not. And the one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty, is that if you go for a job somewhere and they find out about something like this, you will be out of the door faster than you can blink. I've worked in studios where people have applied with portfolio samples that wasn't theirs, in one case it actually belonged to one of the people who already worked there. And with Facebook now being a very common source of employee information, the last thing you would ever want to do, is put the fact that you're doing something like this into the public domain so to speak.

    I've said it before in other threads related to this topic, a single person deserves no less respect than a big company when it comes to what they create. Taking money in exchange for access to someone else's licensed work is wrong, whether you be Rockstar the mega-company, or John Doe the DeviantArt modeller. Make money based on your own effort, not that of someone else.

  • @LeeC2202 You're absolutely right, it's just that I've seen maybe a handful out of hundreds of mods where the creator could actually say it was scratch built. By creating said model for GTA5 (or any other game) would the creator not be basically giving up any IP rights to R*? I'm in no way saying they don't deserve recognition and such, I'm just curious if it works the same way most music licensing works: as in the music actually belongs to the record label, not the artist.This is especially true with songs made for specific uses such as soundtracks.

    Speaking of the music industry, if I'm not mistaken you have to somehow prove that you have permission to sell cover songs on Patreon...if the same is true for all creative works, then one would ultimately need permission from the modeling equivalent of a record label. In Queschus13's case, to sell his Darth Vader mod he'd need permission from Disney. Fat chance of that happening.

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