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Vehicle Loading Problem

  • Please help me!

    I have created a train (freightcar) from 3ds max and converted to GTA 5 from Zmodeler3. Its not loading in far distance but loading when close distance. It is only happening on that train not in other vehicles/vehicle mods.

  • @Mahesh-Dahampath check loddistances in vehicles.meta. Try putting the first number in row onto all others under it.

  • @HRH
    I have edited them to 1000 but did not worked.
    After that I applied L0, 1, 2, 3... in Zmodeler3 and now game is crashing.


    @HRH This is a very bad idea, just a waste of performance. If you do that with all the vehicles that don't have LODs, you're game will end having performance issues (including your PC) and the game will crash easily.

  • @Reyser Yes, You are correct. This could "solve" his problem (although, masking one problem with another). My mods are always L0 (mostly SA conversions + insufficient usage of 3DS) and I do "mask" the loddistances - just I don´t spawn them in traffic...

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