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[VEHICLE] RV Trailer

  • I have tried combining the boat trailer with the rv trailer found at the Backlot City Movie Studio but did go that well and I wonder if there is someone who could make a nice rv trailer that can be towed by cars in game? All the models are made by R* but need some editing that took a newbie like me about 30 minutes to do. For reference, here is a link to a similar mod that were created using Menyoo:

    However, the wheels hidden behind that black plate are just dummy wheels and I deleted those because it looked weird, but as I said, it did not turn out very well. I would like to use the vehicle in FiveM.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

  • Oh Wow! I was about to make a request to be able to make some Travel Trailers and Rvs to be made. Maybe we can need help by modders and also one of the best RV Maufacturers, Grand Design RV. Maybe we can have some Fifth Wheels, Some C Class Rvs, Some Travel Trailers, And some Big and Massive ToyHaulers. It would be cool if we can actually have the chance to have an interior with working beds and also real textures of carpet and real brands of TV Magazines and other things as well to add some atmosphere. https://www.granddesignrv.com/

    With Modeling and Making the Trailer and fifth wheels and toy haulers we need the right goosenecks and the right trailer hitches. Just look into the links and pls look at it, there are floorplans and awesome interiors.

  • My Parents have a travel trailer themselves and it is the Jayco WhiteHawk. I have a lot of experience and knowledge of trailers and all of their components as well. A Good Rv Comes with good materials, Framing, Good Craftsmanship, Good Quality, And the Quality and Inspection that Grand Design RV Pledges and puts all of their Travel Trailers and RVs into a system of inspections along with workers checking every tiny little detail.


    Also I suggest you guys to watch some Youtubers that I watch that I will List in the description. Thanks So Much.

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