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Triumph Thruxton R for GTA V???

  • Hi guys

    I really love this motobike, but i'm looking for all those GTA V mod website and haven't found it. Any chance to have one? Or i must paying for modder to have it? Cause i know nothing about 3d rendering or anything like that! 😐

  • From my previous experience of being here (I've been gone a while so I don't know what's changed, nothing it seems) and asking for mods/seeing other people ask for certain mods they usually end up being asked to pay money for the mod. $30 I remember it being for most people but some will go as far as $250.

  • @krashadam Thank you for that information, it seems I have to enlighten my own ability to make it.

  • @ghostnguyen Yeah, but who knows, you might get lucky and someone will probably do it for free. You never know. :shrug:

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