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Spawning, fighting peds - what mod?

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    So I installed some mods but I'm unable to find the right one I dislike to remove

    • What happens is a group of peds spawn. There's normally a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit shooting at a couple other guys. The game hangs when it loads them.

    Is there any way to check what the last script initialised was?

    Or any idea what kind of mod does this?

    I tried a few gang war style mods but it ain't those.

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  • @BikerJohnny Remove them all, add them back one-by-one, when the game hangs, it will be the last mod you copied back in.

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    OK, anyone with anything a bit more immediate? I don't mind suggestions about mods that do this.

  • @BikerJohnny I know my suggestions sounds a pain but it might not be the last one that initialised that causes the problem. It's quite possible to have ten mods loading and one of the very first ones can fail to trap an exception causing the whole thing to go down. I was just advising to use the same technique I would use, when diagnosing mod faults.

    Maybe someone will recognise the mod, sorry my suggestion was unsuitable. :(

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    It's worse than ever now but I think it's the new scripthook

    Guess I'll wait a bit and update every mod

    Damn Rockstar's modding attitude stinks

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