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[Tutorial Request] XPS Model to GTAV Ped.

  • In between crushing my brain writing my camera mod, I'd like to learn something new. After spending some time on DeviantArt, I'd like to convert some XPS models to GTAV Peds... not for uploading though, for personal use. Has anyone come across any decent tutorials for converting/rigging models to Peds at all?

    I know this probably means having to use ZModeler 3 again (which I don't look forward to) but for the few £s it costs for three months, it's worth it if I can manage to get the hang of it.

    If anyone doesn't know XPS, it's the XNA Lara Posing Studio.

    @GTATerminal Why was this moved? It was in the same place as another Tutorial Request? This isn't a mod installation issue, so I'm confused.

  • @rappo Do you know why this topic was moved from the Tutorials section? Is that not the place to put requests for tutorials?

  • how

  • @LeeC2202 I'd rather keep the Tutorials category as true installation/modding guides instead of requests, thanks

  • @rappo No problem, I only posted there as there was at least one other similar type of post... sorry. :(

  • wtf no one awnswer you ... what a bunch off dummys

  • bump

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